The Basic Steps Involved In Heavy Equipment Transportation

Posted on: 16 May 2023


When you need to transport heavy equipment to a new location, the thought of trying to move it may be daunting. However, some companies provide hauling and towing services for heavy equipment, making the task of relocating these belongings a lot easier. If you decide to hire a company to help with transporting your heavy equipment, you can expect the contractors to follow a few specific steps to get the job done. 

Selecting the Truck Needed to Tow the Heavy Equipment

The contractors you hire to help you haul your heavy-duty equipment will determine the truck and flatbed needed to tow your belongings based on several factors, such as how much equipment you need to transport and the weight of everything combined. For example, you may need a larger truck if you're expecting to transport multiple tractors, forklifts, and excavators.

Getting a Hauling/Oversize Permit and an Escort

Someone from the company handling the transportation for your equipment will then get a hauling/oversize permit, which enables them to haul heavy loads throughout the city and beyond. The cost of the permit can vary, but it's a requirement in most areas for anyone who plans on hauling heavy loads. Along with obtaining the permit, a team member from the towing company may get an escort who will accompany them on the road to prevent accidents and ensure your equipment arrives at your designated location in the same condition it left in.

Loading Heavy-Duty Equipment on the Truck

After loading the equipment one at a time and locking each item into place, it's time to complete a quick inspection. The inspection involves double-checking the equipment and the security devices that keep your items from shifting in transit, such as wheel locks and ratchet straps.

Beginning the Journey of Relocating the Equipment

If everything checks out during the inspection, it's time for the driver hauling the heavy equipment to begin their journey. Rather than following a GPS, which may not always provide the most updated and accurate information, the driver will have a set route to follow to get there safely with all the equipment in the best condition.

Transport your heavy equipment to a new location with the help of a company that provides these transportation services. They will use their experience and a series of steps to complete this job for you. Contact a local heavy equipment transportation service to learn more.