3 Benefits You Can Get from Hiring a Flatbed Tow Truck

Posted on: 9 June 2022


It can be very frustrating for your vehicle to break down, especially if you have no idea who to call for help. However, professional towing service providers can be entrusted with getting your vehicle out of emergencies. Whether your car has broken down due to some mechanical failure, an accident, or other cause, you should be careful about what towing truck you order. In many cases, you likely need flatbed towing services rather than hook and chain. The following are some reasons why a flatbed works well for towing emergencies:

Less Likelihood of Damage

One of the main reasons most vehicle owners prefer to call a flatbed tow truck is that these trucks are safer. For example, if your vehicle has been badly wrecked after a collision having it hooked and pulled on the road may worsen the damage. This would then lead to additional repair costs. So, if you want your vehicle to arrive at the intended destination without additional damage, hire a flatbed tow truck.

Versatile and Time-Efficient

Flatbeds are also very versatile and have enough room to enable your vehicle to be conveniently transported from one location to another. This means that you can have any type of vehicle towed, including luxury cars, boats, snowmobiles, SUVs, farm vehicles, etc., without worrying about its size or weight. On the flip side, a hook and chain truck is not compatible with some types of vehicles.

It also takes less time to load your undrivable vehicle onto the back of a flatbed towing truck. Even if your car is wrecked, it can be loaded onto the tow truck using a winch. This simplicity in loading and unloading your vehicle off a flatbed makes these trucks more convenient and time-effective.

Suitable for Long Distance Towing

Transporting a vehicle over a long distance requires a stable method to secure and safeguard it. Fortunately, with a flatbed towing truck, your vehicle is placed on a flat surface and safely secured using either tire straps or axle straps, depending on the size of your vehicle. Generally, tire straps are suitable for small vehicles, while axle straps are used for larger ones. Therefore, the vehicle does not sway or get jostled even while on bumpy roads, and this stability ensures your vehicle's safe transport over a long distance.

Accordingly, you can rely on flatbed tow trucks, regardless of how far you are from your destination, the type of your vehicle, or why it is undrivable.