What Do People Who Pay Cash For Junk Cars Do With The Cars?

Posted on: 25 April 2022


One of the questions that people have in regards to cash for junk cars is what junk car buyers do with those cars. After all, junk car buyers take on cars that other people have no use for, including cars that may be totaled, rusty, need repairs exceeding the value of the car, or may not pass safety or smog inspections. Different junk car buyers do different things with the cars they buy. Here are three common things that buyers do with junk cars after they are purchased.

Fix Them Up and Sell Them 

One of the things that junk car buyers do with the cars they buy is to fix them up and sell them. If your car needs a repair that is more than the value of your car, you may not want to have that repair completed. However, a junk car buyer may have the skillset needed to make the repairs themselves and may have access to cheap parts for your car. This allows them to buy junk cars that may otherwise not get repaired, fix them up, and sell them to interested buyers. 

Sell the Car Part by Part

If a car is not repairable, the car may still have parts that have value. There are a lot of different parts that can be removed from the car, including the tires, windshield, seats, engine, transmission, and mirrors. Junk car buyers often place junk cars in pick-and-pull style lots and sell the useable parts remaining on the car. 

Recycle the Car for Its Metal Content

If there are no useable parts on a car, the car still has some value. This is because cars and car parts are made from metal. Junk car buyers may take the junk car they bought from you, or the parts that remain after the usable parts have been stripped off, and recycle the car for its metal content with a metal recycler. 

If you have a junk car that you have no use for, a company that offers cash for junk vehicles can take the car off of your hands. Once the car is gone, you no longer have to worry about paying to insure the car, worry about your HOA or city citing you for having a junk car on your property, or having to worry about paying to register the car. Reach out to a company that offers cash for junk cars, such as Precision Towing & Recovery, to find out what they will pay for your old car.