Top 3 Don'ts When Waiting For A Tow Truck

Posted on: 31 January 2022


When your car breaks down unexpectedly on the road, you'll naturally feel lost and overwhelmed. Besides, it is an embarrassing situation. Of course, some motorists will stop and offer help. But as much as you would want their assistance, it might not be a wise decision. Calling a towing service is the best remedy in this situation.

But as you wait for the tow truck, there are several things you should not do in order to make the towing experience easier. This article looks at three don'ts when waiting for a tow truck. 

Leave Your Car

While it is tempting to walk away and call a taxi, it's advisable to remain at the scene. In case of an accident, you must wait for the police to arrive and record the happenings of the incident. Keep in mind that leaving other accident victims at the site is an offense. 

Even if the car is not severely damaged, you should remain at the spot until help arrives. But alert other drivers about your situation using road signs. 

Accept Rides from Strangers

After an accident, many strangers will make offers to rescue you. However, it is prudent to get into a stranger's vehicle. Always exercise caution when you get an offer. Although some will offer to fix your vehicle, you shouldn't trust them unless they're trained in auto repairs.

Accepting favors in such a situation also exposes you to the risk of getting vandalized. Therefore, turn the offers down politely and let them know your tow truck is on the way.

Waste Your Phone Battery

When you get stuck on the roadside, you'll feel the urge to browse your social media pages or emails. Furthermore, you will want to call your loved ones to notify them of the incident. However, you should resist these urges by all means possible. 

Remember that if your phone turns off, you'll be in trouble. Your phone is necessary as the tow truck driver needs to track your exact location so they can come to you. But having your battery dead increases distress. So if your phone is running low on charge, turn off data and reduce the phone usage till the tow truck arrives.

It is paramount to contact a towing service near you as soon as your car breaks down. The experts will arrive quickly and offer you affordable and reliable towing to get you out of the mess. 

For more information on towing, contact a professional near you.