Towing From A Riverbank (And Other Unusual Towing Circumstances)

Posted on: 11 December 2019


When you need towing services, it is usually because your car has either stalled out or been in an accident and is no longer safe to drive. However, there are other times and places where towing services are very helpful. These times and places are a bit more unusual, and how they are managed is equally out of the ordinary. 

Towing From a Riverbank

On occasion, cars do end up in rivers. The driver might have done it on a dare to see if the car could jump the river to the other bank, or it might have been an accident when the car veered off a high bridge into the river below. However it happened is not as important as how you get the car out of the river. A tow truck should be called because power winching is needed to address this problem.

If it is an especially deep area where the car landed in the water, a diver may also be needed in order to get to the car, attach one or more winch cables, and then signal the tow truck driver (or drivers, if need be) to hit the power winch switch(es) and start pulling your vehicle from the water. Once the car is on dry land, the driver of a single tow truck can hook up your car like a standard tow to his or her truck and drive away.

Towing From a Deep Ravine

Humans have built roads near some dangerous places for cars to go. One of those dangerous places is any deep ravine off a winding road. If your car accidentally careens off the road and through a safety barrier, it can end up many feet down a steep ravine. If you are lucky enough to survive that, it would be very difficult for you to get out without help.

A towing service would have to find a safe way to get winch cables down into the ravine and hooked onto your vehicle in order to pull you out. A couple of skilled rappelling rock climbers might be necessary in order to reach you, which may also require the aid of the local fire and rescue teams. If trees and small boulders are preventing the vehicle from being pulled out of the ravine, safety crews have to remove these things before the towing service can even begin to pull your vehicle out.