Waiting on a Tow in the Snow: 5 Tips for Safety

Posted on: 25 February 2019


Snow is a gorgeous sight, but it also introduces all sorts of hazards, especially when you're waiting on tow service. If you find yourself stuck in the snow waiting for a tow truck to arrive, it's critical to exercise safe practices to protect your vehicle, and most importantly, yourself. Learn how you can stay safe.

1. Pull to Safety, but Stay Visible

Once you detect an issue with your vehicle, do your best to pull off the road to a safe location, but make sure your car is positioned so that other vehicles can see it. Maintaining visibility is important because it alerts other drivers of your location, and if it is still snowing, it makes it easier for the tow truck driver to spot you once they arrive. 

2. Turn Your Car Off

If it's snowing outside, it's also cold, so naturally, you'd want to leave your car running so that you could keep the heat on. However, in inclement weather, it might take a tow driver longer than usual to reach you. If you keep your car running, you might run out of fuel. Cycling your car on for a few minutes to heat the inside and then turning it off is better because you will save fuel in case you have to wait longer. 

3. Stay Inside the Car

The interior of your car is the safest place for you. Snow and slush on the ground make it harder for tires to grip, which means that a vehicle can quickly slide. If you're outside your car and another driver loses control, you could suffer severe injuries if you're in its path. When you're inside your car, your vehicle serves as a buffer to help protect you. 

4. Text Family

Let a friend or family member know where you're at while you wait. As previously mentioned, tow drivers do everything in their power to get to stranded drivers as quickly as possible, but they also have to practice safe driving habits. Letting a person know where you are allows them to check up on you while you wait to ensure you're still safe. 

5. Be Patient

If the reason you call the tow driver is that you're stuck in the snow, it's important to be patient. You should not try to remove the snow on your own. Snow is light, but when compacted, it's quite heavy. Even if you have a shovel on hand, lifting large amounts of slow quickly can put extra pressure on your heart and increase your risk of a heart attack. Wait for the tow driver to arrive with their plow. 

Make sure you do your best to stay safe if you ever find yourself in this situation. Go to sites like http://www.blueeagletowing.com to find a towing service that can help you when you need it.