Own A Small Trucking Company? The 3 Services You Should Always Have Lined Up

Posted on: 12 July 2016


Do you have a logistics or small shipping company and you like to avoid late night phone calls from drivers whenever possible? If so, it's important to put the information they need if there is a mechanical emergency in their truck.

If they have the information in the truck and you already have agreements or contracts with the companies to do work on your vehicles, it makes handling the mechanical problems easier. Here are a few professional services to make agreements with, and to have your staff call when needed.

Crane Service

A regular tow truck most likely can't haul the rigs and semi-trucks your staff drive, so you need to find a towing company that has a crane service. The company has to have trucks that can haul your large vehicles safely with cranes to the auto shop of your choice, and you want to find a service provider that offers around the clock hours. If your company travels state wide, you need to nail down more than one company that can be reliable.

Auto Shop Information

It's best to have all of your rigs worked on and serviced at the same place if possible, because they can give a discount for bringing all of your work there, and the mechanics should know your trucks. Your drivers should know where their trucks need to go if they break down, and all of the details of the auto shop for the crane service provider when they arrive.

Mobile Mechanic

Unfortunately, your rigs could break down on the road, and break down far away from the home base. Having a mobile mechanic service that you have a contract with takes the hassle out of trying to find a shop to get into, and it allows you to get the truck up and running again quickly. Your auto mechanic shop may have someone that does mobile services.

If your drivers have all this information, you don't have to be their first call when something is wrong with their truck, and when they are on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Instead, they can be proactive at getting the truck fixed so they can get back on the road to finish their deliveries, and you don't have to get out of bed and manage the problem. You can deal with the billing and other issues when you head into the office. 

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