The ABCs Of Safety While Waiting On A Tow Truck At Night

Posted on: 18 November 2015


Finding yourself alone, stranded, and possibly in a location surrounded by strangers and unfamiliar places at night can be a scary experience as a driver. Even though you know that you can always count on a good towing service to come to your rescue, you may be left waiting in your car for a bit before the tow truck arrives. It is always wise as a driver to get familiar with the safety rules of not just the roadway, but precarious situations that can come up. There is a simple ABC rule set that you should keep in mind when it comes to staying as safe as possible while waiting for a tow truck at night.

Always do what you can to stay visible to other drivers.

If you breakdown on the highway, even if you do manage to get your car off to the shoulder, staying visible should be a primary concern--especially at night. If you don't have battery problems, turn on your emergency flashers and turn on your headlights or parking lamps. If your car battery is dead, place a flashlight or a cell phone in the back window facing outward.

Be aware of the dangers of trusting people who stop to help.

When a stranger pulls over to help you out, your first inclination may be to be grateful that there are still good people who are willing to help. Even though this may be true, it is never a good decision to fully trust a stranger who stops to check on you, especially if they are on foot. If you need to speak to someone who seems to be trying to help, barely crack your window enough to communicate and do not open your doors under any circumstances. Let the good Samaritan know that you have help on the way, and even pretend to be talking on your cell phone to ward someone off. 

Call a friend or family member first.

Calling a towing service to help you is always a good idea, but it is even better if you can let a friend or family member know your situation. If you are comfortable leaving your car and the wait may be a while, it is not a bad idea to have someone you know come to pick you up and you can take your keys to the towing service.

It may be alarming to be stranded at night waiting for help, but by keeping a few safety rules in mind and knowing a reliable towing service, you will be just fine. Talk to a towing company representative like A & A Towing Anytime Anywhere to learn more about how to stay safe as a driver stranded in the dark.