A Car Owner's Guide To Trailer Towing

Posted on: 5 August 2015


If you are looking to learn the ropes of trailer towing, there are some practical tips that you must bear in mind. People who tow portable trailers need to understand the factors that go into it, for the utmost in safety and control. To be sure that you are putting your best foot forward with your towing needs, whether you're planning a move or are embarking on a camping trip, the tips laid out below will help you out.  

Be Mindful Of Your Brake Use

A key rule of thumb with towing is to be sure that you ease up on the brakes throughout the course of your trip. You must keep in mind that you are not only responsible for the control of weight with the lead vehicle, but the momentum will have large repercussions if you allow the weight of the tow trailer to lose control. As you shift up and down, make sure that you are responsibly maintaining your foot to the brake to adjust your speed accordingly. This not only protects your life and your property, but the life and property of others who share the road with you.

Don't Overcorrect Your Steering

The way that you steer your vehicle is also critical to the success of your towing. The laws of physics and gravity will naturally cause the towing trailer to sway back and forth throughout the course of your trip. Your natural reaction might be to adjust the steering wheel to correct the swaying. You should not do this because it can cause you to over adjust, until the trailer tail whips and hits another vehicle. A way to minimize the sway is with the addition of a weight distribution system. This lets you drive at a reasonable rate and measure of control, while mitigating issues that might harm you throughout the course of the towing trip.

Acquire The Best Equipment

Perhaps the main and most important focus with trailer towing is to get your hands on the right equipment. When you purchase your equipment, you should key in on the torque weight and the gross trailer weight. With this in mind, you will equip your vehicle with the right kind of hitch, toolbar and other equipment to get from point A to point B. Further, you'll need to check in on the towing capability of your leading automobile to reduce strain and avoid breakdowns.  

Abide by these three tips and you will be on the right track with your towing. To get your hands on some quality equipment, or to get advice from professionals, reach out to a towing professional in your area such as Michael's Towing & Recovery Service.